Our Karate Programs

Kid’s Karate

Our Kid’s Karate program combines fun games based exercises and drills to help introduce your child to the art of karate.  Your children will learn basic blocking kicking, and punching skills.  

Children participating in Karate learn to be confident, disciplined and respectful.  They also gain physical strength, flexibility, co-ordination and improved agility. 

Your children will celebrate their achievements with our grading system of coloured belts.

Junior Karate

Our Junior Karate Classes will teach your children skills that will improve concentration, coordination and self expression by providing challenges that build inner strength and resilience resulting in a confidence that helps kids negotiate the complicated job of growing up.

Our practical and fun karate classes allow children to learn valuable self protection skills. They learn to be aware of their surroundings, gain the tools to combat bullies and negotiate danger if it should ever appear.

At Kiryoku Karate, kids will learn respect and discipline all whilst having fun with their peers in a safe and social environment.

Adult/Teen Karate

Whether you want to get fitter, lose weight, become more confident, gain valuable self protection skills or you just want to socialise, our fun traditional karate classes are just the thing you need.  

Don’t wait for the “right time”, the best time is NOW!

Give Kiryoku Karate a go with our 4 week trial for $49.95.  That’s 4 weeks of unlimited lesson plus a free uniform (uniform valued at $60)

Start your journey to black belt and beyond. 

It could just be the best decision you make.


Anything else, just ask Sensei!

Our fun karate classes are suitable for beginners and no particular level of fitness is required. You’re welcome to book a trial to have your first go at it.  In your first few months, your fitness will improve and you will learn the foundations which will lead you all the way to your black belt and beyond.


Absolutely!  Family discounts are offered for, siblings, spouses/partners and full time tertiary students upon enrolment.  We offer class discounts for two or more family members who are training, (includes partners).  Full time tertiary students receive 10% off class fees.  

You are welcome to start training at anytime! We encourage you to start as soon as possible.  We would love to have you join our club.

No!  Your first karate uniform (dogi) is FREE when you sign up for a 4 week trail.   Subsequent or extra uniforms may be purchased through the club.  Just ask Sensei.

Yes, sparring is an important element of karate training.  The sparring we do starts very easy and light to no contact.  It builds up intensity and contact as you improve and train over time.  It is up to you and your partner how hard or soft your sparring is.