A Bit About Us

At Kiryoku Karate, we practice a style of karate called Shukokai.

This is a traditional Japanese karate style known for it’s dynamic, explosive and powerful techniques.

Shukokai (meaning “Way For All”) was founded by Sensei Chojiro Tani in 1948.

Sensei Tani started studying Goju Ryu at high school but then switched training in Shito Ryu when he entered the Doshisha University.

After receiving his Menko, (teachers certificate), from Kenwa Mabuni, (founder of Shitoryu), he began  Tani-Ha Shitoryu at his own dojo.

Sensei Tani studied  body mechanics, movement and efficiency of techniques, always striving to perfect his style.

Over time Tani-Ha Shitoryu developed into Shukokai.

Sensei Tani always stressed the importance of discipline, etiquette, mental control and the constant improvement of technique.

A Family Run Dojo

Kiryoku Karate is run by myself, Sensei Andrew Halliday with help from my twins, Senpai Billy and Senpai Brielle.  Behind the scenes my wife Raelene provides support and sanity.

I first fell in love with karate back in the 70’s when I watched “The Return of Billy Jack” starring Tom Laughlin. When “The Octagon” starring the legendary Chuck Norris came out, that cemented my love for the art.

My first formal martial art classes were in the local Judo dojo when I was a  10 year old, these continued at secondary school until the age of 14.  Taekwondo was tried for a while, but it was at the age of 16 when I started training in Goju Kensha karate with Sensei Paul Tommasini that I finally found my true calling.  After a few years with Goju Kensha, I had my first taste of training in Shukokai.  This brief stint with Shukokai only lasted about a year until at the age of 22, when I moved interstate.  Then life got in the way and karate took a back seat for a while, until………….

Fast forward quite a few years and my 7 year old son watches a Jackie Chan movie and declares, that’s what I want to do!

Never having lost my love for the art of karate, the “Jackie Chan Kung fu” my son wanted to do was never really going to happen.  So together with my 7 year old twins, we enrolled in a local karate school which was just starting out.  The style this time around was Ishinryu, a combination of Shotokan, Wadoryu and Kyokushin developed by Sensei Ticky Donovan.

4 years later there was one more switch of styles.  This time it was back to Shukokai.

Over the next few years I attained my black belt, followed by my son and daughter earning their black belts.

The next few years after receiving our black belts were spent developing ourselves as instructors, teaching up to 4 nights a week.  We are a family team of teachers who love to pass on our passion for the art of traditional karate.

Kiryoku Karate was born out of my love for the practical side of traditional karate together with my experience from the various styles I have trained in and my influences from people such as; Iain Abernethy, Patrick McCarthy, Kazuo Ishitobi, Paul Tommasini, Vince Morris, Jesse  Enkamp and more.

Kiryoku Karate – Building Inner Strength Through Karate Training.


Our mission is simple:
To provide an environment where people can become the very best version of themselves.


To create an all inclusive club where people can train in a safe and friendly  environment and build their inner strength through karate training.


We follow the 7 Virtues of Bushido which are a code of conduct the Samurai Warrior live by.  These are –  Integrity,  Respect,  Courage,  Honour,  Compassion,  Honesty & Loyalty