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Karate for Life

Grow your Inner Strength, Build your Confidence, Increase your Fitness

Learn to protect yourself with our fun practical karate classes.

Kiryoku is japanese for inner strength and we wholeheartedly believe that your inner strength, confidence and fitness will improve through the practice of karate.

At Kiryoku Karate, we believe that karate is a vehicle to personal development and a more positive lifestyle

This is the chance to do something positive for you, surrounded by others with a similar mindset.

Training in karate is very much an individual journey, so it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you progress, you will be going at exactly the right pace for YOU!

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Our classes are run on a fun, inclusive “no ego” basis.

They incorporate some theory, history and life lessons to build inner strength.

Classes are suitable for men and women, boys and girls, adults, teenagers and children.